Watching, Waiting – new 5-song EP Released April 23rd

Black Jake & The Carnies, the Ypsilanti-based Kings of Crabgrass, are proud to announce the release of their third studio effort, “Watching, Waiting.” Recorded in the winter of 2012 at Big Sky Studios in Ann Arbor, MI.

The clean instrumentation and orchestrated vocals take center-stage on this 5-track EP. Traditional gospel tunes get worked up into a frenzy on the first two tracks, dissolving into the locomotive-powered instrumental, “Last Stop.” The record then veers off into more irreverent territory with their Muppets-inspired rendition of an old Red Ingle tune, before finishing off with “A Good Man Knows,” a powerful original played at a blistering pace, featuring some of the band’s most intricate playing to date.

The record has already received some rave reviews:

Incognito Music Magazine Pick of the Week
Metro Times Detroit
Ear to the Ground

Stream or purchase at the band’s BandCamp page.

We will celebrate with 2 Release Shows April 25th in Detroit and the 26th in Ypsilanti. This will be followed by a 10 city tour starting May 31 at the Appalachian Uprising in Scottown, OH.


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