For immediate… er uh… “release”… it’s POOPSLIDER! Installment #1 of our new Quick&Dirty Garage Singles, Poopslider is the epic barn-burning vengeance rant against the infamous, National-News-making Ypsilanti Mystery Pooper. Always quick to capitalize on our kids’ coming into contact with human feces at our local park, Black Jake & the Carnies recorded this song in Billy the Kingpin LaLonde’s garage on Thursday night and dropped the single two days later. Not yet satisfied, we strained a little harder and squeezed out a Quick&Dirty video a day after that! I tell ya, coffee really gets ya goin’!

“While the Mystery Pooper has only now made the headlines, we’ve been dealing with this for years! Prospect Park is our local park, and he’s struck so often that we’d taken to calling it ‘Poopslide Park.’ Every time we take our kids there, we make sure to check all the slides first… and if I can give any visitors some advice, sometimes the Mystery Pooper hides it under the mulch — the shiny green flies are the giveaway. We’ve got to come together to protect our kids! The Poopslider’s reign of funny-but-not-funny-when-it-happens-to-your-kid bio-terror must end!!!” — Black Jake

Enjoy listening to Poopslider for free on Bandcamp and YouTube, and please consider purchasing the fruits of our labor for a measly wrinkly buck on Bandcamp… so we can buy our kids some replacement clothes! Writing and performing original music is both a pleasure and a job for us; we really do need the monetary support to keep it going. Consider it akin to buying war bonds to help flush out the dastardly Mystery Pooper! Tell your friends, spread the word! We appreciate it!


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