Away from me, ye code of iniquity!!!

Website is finally back up and fixed of codepocalypse gobbeldegoop, proving once again that I suck with computers!  That’s okay, all you IT folks out there can challenge me to a breath-holding contest if you wanna see who’s boss!



“The Colonel” KK Dirty Money on the guitar, giving the all-clear for our pile of pre-gig detritus.

JJ on the fiddle. Either on the way to a Carny gig, or looking to shoot down the Red Baron.




The Indomitable “Walter der Rattenfanger” Wally Jarvis on the… the uh… clown lady cowbell triangle machine!





Catch us next in my old stomping grounds of Chelsea, MI on May 25th at the Rumpus Room, and of course the mighty Hiawatha Fest in Marquette on July 21st!




Oh, AND our buddies at Source Point Press are putting out a vinyl pressing of Dead Duck, featuring soundtrack song “Dead Duck” by none other than Black Jake and the Carnies!  Help Kickstart it here!







The Mysterious “Ozzie” Andrews on Bass, with our custom Hiawatha pizza box!

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