November Shows! Chicago, Hamtramck, Fort Wayne!

We’re hitting the road a bit this month, getting out of our Ypsitucky comfort zone. Right off the bat, we’re headed west to play the fair city of Chicago. Look for us Friday, November 9th, as we take the stage at Township in Logan Square. Headlining the night is local outfit Scott Lucas & the Married Men (featuring Scott Lucas of Local H fame). It’s been a good four years (!) since we’ve played Chicago, so we’re really looking forward to blowing the roof off that sucker.

November 17th finds us back at Small’s in Hamtramck, Michigan as we join up with fellow Muddy Roots vets, The Goddamn Gallows and Jakye Orvis & The Broken Band. Starting off the night is Rockwood, MI based quartet, Rickett Pass. This show has all the roots-inspired rock and punk your heart could possibly desire.

The culminating glory of our November Reign* is a return to Fort Wayne, IN and one of our favorite venues, The Brass Rail. These shows always seem to get pretty rowdy, and with Old and Dirty and The 220 Breakers joining in the fun, we’d be surprised to find the building still standing once we’re through. Check it out on November 30!

So there you have it! It’s gonna be a great month. One more thing though before we go: We have finally released our Electronic Press Kit, a nice mini-documentary describing us and what we do. It’s got some great footage from our sets at Wheatland and Woodruff’s, plus a bit of an interview with Black Jake. So whenever anyone asks you, “What is Black Jake & the Carnies,” just show ’em this vid. Cheers!

*Sorry. It couldn’t be helped.


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