Black Jake & the Carnies are back, and better than ever (if you ask me)!

Carnievores, it has been a while.

As many of you know, I’ve had to make a major lineup change for various reasons, saying goodbye to the best band members and friends I’ve had since 2006.  Between piecing the new band together and working on my solo act (Black Jake’s Revenge), I didn’t want to post anything until I knew that the new lineup didn’t stink up the place. :) Well, guess what?  Not only do they not stink up the place, but I like it better than ever! I’m excited about my baby in a way I haven’t been in far too long, and the creative juices are flowing once again!


Allow me to introduce my new Carnies — all experienced musicians/entertainers in their own right, and all extremely excited to be part of the crew: KK Dirty Money on guitar (makes them himself) and backing vocals; Wally on hand percussion, harmonica and backing vocals (get this old timer to start telling stories and your life will feel lame in comparison, trust me); Big Lip on clarinet and sax (and near anything else you can think of… I hate to throw the “genius” word out there, but if the shoe fits…); and Ozzie on upright bass, banjo bass, and sousaphone (official nice guy in a group of nice guys… and he’s been gigging professionally since he was 13!).  And may I reintroduce myself: Black Jake on the banjo, lead vocals, songwriting, game-making, artistic directing, prop-making, banterizing, make-up, and tambourine/kick-drum foot pedals (that’s right, the drum is up front with me now!)!

Say Hello to Wally!

E’rbody movin’ on Instagram.

A lot of people find benefit in being all promo and no substance, but I’m not the best self-promoter in the world (since my self-critical filter is usually set on 11). Like I said, I wouldn’t say anything unless I was convinced myself.  But I tell you now, Black Jake & the Carnies are back, gigging, and better than ever!  Check us out in the coming weeks and months if you don’t believe me!

— Black Jake



PS — a special thanks to the legendary Scotty Karate for filling in on drums, mando, and lap steel when we needed him most.  Cheers, Scotty!

(photo credits: Philamonjaro Studio)

Instagram clips by Cristina McCrystal (thanks, @cristinafaith !!)


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